These are stressful times, and often when people are stressed they look for stress relievers. Did you know what a great stress reliever is? Yes, that’s right… MASTURBATION! Masturbation releases dopamine which is basically a “feel good” chemical putting you directly into a better mood! It is good for you on so many levels. Having trouble sleeping? Masturbate. Physical Pain? Masturbate.

Have you ever had a sleepless night? Tossing and turning? Masturbate. An orgasm can help you wind down and tire you out! When climaxing, hormones are released that make you feel relaxed and SLEEPY! It’s a WIN, WIN!

Masturbation resulting in orgasm releases endorphins and as we learned from Legally Blonde “Happy People just don’t kill their husbands” (another plus, right?) Endorphins have painkilling properties, so although it won’t cure your pain completely, it might take your mind off it for a bit while you’re having that mind-blowing experience.

Instead of looking at this pandemic as a negative concept, think of it as an opportunity to get to know your body, explore and get “in tune” with yourself. Figure out what you like or dislike. When you know that, it makes it so much more enjoyable with yourself or a partner!

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